8 Things New Clients Always Think About Social Media

adminBy adminApril 12, 20197 Minutes

8 Things New Clients Always Think About Social Media.

In the last 5 years of career, I have met many people from different companies and backgrounds. Though usually the concerns came from them are the same. Here are the top 8 points that I usually came across.


1. I don’t like to be in Social Media

The market is changing, people especially the millennials recognize brand reputation through social media presence. If you are not on social media you are probably not cool.


2. I have no time to update and also no idea what to post

You can start on a simple 5-day a week timetable. Then you can plot in visual/content by day. Determine the time you want to post daily, opt to set an alarm clock! Additionally there are a lot of social media agencies that offer this service.


3. Social Media packages are expensive

It’s cheaper to hire a social media agency, then hiring your own team. Usually in social media projects, there are at least 4 main people working on the postings:

  • Social Media Marketing – This person determines the monthly topics and come out with brief
  • Writer  – This person comes out with creative content based on the marketing plan
  • Graphic Designer – Create stunning images, posters, gifs animation, gallery and sometimes even do photoshoots
  • Operational – Posting based on the time planned, and come out with the report

With the right team, you are not only paying cheaper but you can focus on your business and things that matter more!


4. If I hire people to do my social media, it cannot guarantee sales

Social media postings consist of informative content and visuals about your product. It does not have any tangible value to convert into sales. However by being active on your social media, it can help build your brand’s reputation and grow confidence in your customer about the quality of your product.


5. I post on social media almost every day but no one like my post

You can opt to spend on social media advertising, this way you can target specific target audience through their demographics informations provided by Facebook.


6. Already paying graphic designer to do creatives, now I have to spend on ads summore

Think of it as spending on designing and printing flyers and having to hire people to distribute it around, social media is the same thing except that you can target who you want to post it to.


7. So I spend Ads for people to like my posts only, I need to make sales

Social media can’t promise any sales as again it does not have any tangible value. In order to generate sales, a lot of things play role, the product itself, social media postings quality and frequency, advertising, even website plays important role. Just like any other businesses, we need holistic approach in online platforms in order to achieve our objective.


8. There are so many things I need to spend, social media postings, advertising and website, I’m not sure with the sales I’m making I have the budget to do all this.

Do it 1 by 1, perhaps start with optimizing your website for the first 2 months, once your website is ready to go, you can start opt for basic social media package to populate your social media channels on the 3rd and 4th months. Then you can opt to do advertising by the 5th month. Hey good things don’t really come without any hardwork!